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List of Hilary Clinton’s Scandalous Accomplishments

Hillary Clinton, a member of the white rich elite,  has a stunning list of accomplishments. Working in tandem with her husband, then presid [...]

Is Trump really the next Hitler!?

Godwin’s law aside, people who hate and fear Donald Trump say he is the next Hitler. But can that really happen? Libertarian president [...]

Bernie Sanders praises the murdering dictator Fidel Castro

1985 Bernie Sanders praises Castro “In 1961 they invaded Cuba,” Sanders says in the clip. “Everyone was totally convinced Castro was t [...]

Donald Trump And Bernie Sanders In A Swan Boat On A Lake

Would you believe that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, two of the most polarizing political candidates in recent memory, once went for a ri [...]

Ben Stein: Sanders and Trump are Terrifying

Democrats are eager to re-post Ben Stein‘s comments about Donald Trump. But usually they don’t have so much enthusiasm for the R [...]
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